The Church is not self-made, it was created by God and is continuously formed by Him. This finds expression in the Sacraments, above all in that of Baptism: I enter into the Church not by a bureaucratic act, but with the help of this Sacrament.

Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger Pope Benedict XVI

We are indeed glad at the prospect of you joining our beloved "One big happy family" - St Gerald: God's chosen people, A people of one heart & one spirit...

Our mission statement is Deep Spiritual commitment as a Driving Force of Grass root Evangelism, which surely denotes that we are committed in helping each and every individual grow spiritually in both creative and practical ways of worshiping God. Communicating the message of love, hope and faith, our God has bestowed in our beautiful hearts amongst ourselves has been a goal of ours as we need God and each other to fulfill our God given destinies.

We as Catholics are duly inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit and through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary commune as a community to pray and build an everlasting relationship with our God. We not only attend masses on Sundays but we are also engaged in various activities and events both spiritual & social - attaining togetherness and strengthen bonds within various families.

We are a community of individuals who embrace all ages and backgrounds, tribes and race etc. including families, singles and students. While perusing our website through our programs, you would have a glimpse of understanding our Church. You are hereby encouraged to attend a mass, as the best way to discover the heart of a one big happy family named St Gerald and spend time with its people. Do join us as the Holy Spirit inspires us while we sing joyful praises to our heavenly father.

You are Welcome once again and God bless you.