The Church is not self-made, it was created by God and is continuously formed by Him. This finds expression in the Sacraments, above all in that of Baptism: I enter into the Church not by a bureaucratic act, but with the help of this Sacrament.

Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger Pope Benedict XVI
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Parish Laity Council

The Parish Laity Council is charged by the Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity (Apostolicam Actuositatem) with the goal of intensifying the apostolic activity of the laity by promoting the apostolate and coordinating parish lay initiatives. While individual groups are responsible for organizing and directing their own activities, the parish laity council is charged with the coordination and promotion of lay apostolic zeal amongst parishioners.
Purpose and Functions of Parish Laity Councils

Promotional Role

  • The Parish Laity Council is responsible for the regular (annual or bi-annual) promotion of all parish lay initiatives with the goal of educating parishioners and getting them more involved in parish life
  • Such occasions are also useful for the introduction of new initiatives that are planned by the PPC as needed for the acheivement of parish goals.
  • The PLC will from time to time research the needs of the parish and propose the introduction of new lay initiatives to the PPC or to the parishioners as approved by the parish priest.
  • The PLC should also embark on campaigns to recruit members of the laity into programs that help them discover their spiritual gifts and talents thereby empowering them for apostolic work.
  • The council will research new proposals on parish apostolic initiatives and making recommendations to the PPC on their proper classification and fit in the parish.
  • Promotion of Apostolate Formation such as instruction in theology, ethics and philosophy, culture, good human relations - human values, living fraternally with the others, cooperating with others, striking up friendly conversation with and leadership skills. This will be achieved by engaging the services of relevant pastoral groups where applicable or by outsourcing. They are to promote such programs and ensuring that their members and the PPC members participate actively in them.

Coordinating Role

  • Carry out research and study in the apostolate field and on specific lay and human problems such as departures from the ethical and religious order in all sphered of life that pose a danger to Christian life.
  • Discerning the particular and common needs of lay groups with similar areas of apostolate for the purposes of advising and providing resources for the formation of individuals and leaders for the intensified apostolic activities.
  • Dealing with unexpected crisis, obstacles or interruptions and efficiciently getting things back on track and preventing further crisis.
  • Assessing the apostolic developmental needs of the parish and fufilling the needs.
  • Developing and implementing an annual calendar of the leadership, management and social skills development programmes for equipping the laity to be effective in their individual and group apostolates.
The Parish Laity Council is an assembly of the chairpersons and secretaries of all parish societies, associations, organizations and ministries in the parish.
The officers of the Parish laity Council shall be:
  • Chair
  • Vice-Chair
  • Secretary
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Financial Secretary - collates and monitor the financial reports of all members.
  • Welfare Secretary - collates and coordinates the monthly reporting of the welfare of all group members through their respective welfare secretaries.
  • Assistant Welfare Secretary
  • The coordinators of each of the Parish Laity Committees
ee Emmanuel Eluagu
rn Reginald Nwachukwu
Vice Chairman, Laity
tu Tina Ututu
Secretary, Laity
ba Benard Aso
Treasurer, Laity
ra Roland Amedu
Financial Secretary,Laity
ee Chiwenite Anichebe
Vice Chairman, Liturgy
ea Emmanuel Awatefe
President, CYON
ue Uche Eloebo
Secretary, CMO
aa Anthonia Ameh
Laity Chairman
oa Oby Ajoko
Welfare 1
bm Basilia Mba
Welfare 2
an Alex Nwogu
President, CYAA
ho Hyginus Odii
President, CMO
na Nnenna Aso
President, CWON
ea Emmanuel Akiotu
Secretary, CYAA
ue Ursula Echebiriu
Secretary, Deanery
mo Mabel Ojeikere
President, St. Augustine
ko Kingsley Oforha
ma Mrs Amedu
Secretary, CWON
em Emmanuel Mbe
Secretary, Choir
pi Patience Ikwe
Co-ordinator, Evaluation Committee
ju Josephine Udeh
Secretary, CYON
cn Chinedu Nwabuaso
Secretary, Divine Mercy
ba Ben Agu
Co-ordinator, Publicity
ba Ajieh Lucky
Ex Officio