Welcome to SGCC, Gbagada.

We are indeed glad at the prospect of you joining our beloved "One big happy family" - St Gerald: God's chosen people, A people of one heart & one spirit...

Our mission statement is Deep Spiritual commitment as a Driving Force of Grass root Evangelism, which surely denotes that we are committed in helping each and every individual grow spiritually in both creative and practical ways of worshiping God. Communicating the message of love, hope and faith, our God has bestowed in our beautiful hearts amongst ourselves... Read more »

  • SUNDAY MASSES 6:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m - Sunday
    7:00 a.m. - Children Mass
  • MONDAYS: 6:30am & 6:30pm Mass/Prayer & Anointing for workers and business men/women.
  • TUESDAY: 6:30PM Know your faith/Bible Study.
  • WEDNESDAY: 6:30PM Mass/Prayer & Anointing for expectant mothers and those seeking for the fruit of the womb.
  • FRIDAY: 6:30PM Adoration
  • SATURDAY: 7:00AM Mass/Prayer and anointing for children.

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Mass Registrations .
Good Day  Dearest Parishioners and trust you are all fine.Due to the new guidelines for the resumpti... Read more »

Leadership Seminar For All Parishioners.
This is to inform all parishioners that the parish will be organizing a leadership seminar in conjuction with ... Read more »

Catholic Archdiocese Of Lagos Quiz Competition.
Archbishop Adewale MArtins Catholic Faith Family quiz competiton will take place in our parish on May 27, 2018... Read more »

Catechetical Spell And Define Competition Coming Soon.
Catechetical Spell and Define Competition willl be held for all children within the ages of 7 - 15 in all pari... Read more »

Registered Events & Programs

29 AUG 2018
The anniversary of St. Gerald Catholic Church is celebrated annually a... Read more »

Contribute to the Growth of the Ministry.

Join with us in fulfilling the mission of the Church. St. Gerald Catholic Church, Gbagada, supports Mission & Service programs and ministries through meaningful generous gifts.
Your contribution will help support ministries and programs in Nigeria and around the world

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Parish Account (Seed Sowing, Tithe & Other Donations): 4110016091
Harvest Account: 6060055122

A Humble Beginning!

Gbagada as a whole is largely dominated by the Deeper Life Christian Ministry and Christ Apostolic Church (C.A.C) before the coming of Catholicism in Soluyi - Gbagada. In 1984 Rev. Fr. Denis Joseph Slatery came to bless the Home of Alhaji Anipole, at that time he declared a revelation saying "this land is God's land". 9 years down the line Sometime in June 1993, a letter of appeal for a Catholic Church in Gbagada was written by Mr. Cyprian Alalama to the now Archbishop Emeritus Anthony Cardinal Okogie. Though the letter (directed to be published in the Catholic Herald) was truly published, there was no response from the Archbishop and because of the June 12th 1993 General Elections and the troubles that followed thereafter, the request was not followed up.

Again in 1996, another letter by Mr. Alalama was written directly to the Archbishop to please come to the aid of the Catholic community in Gbagada, Lagos by granting an outstation for his faithfuls in Gbagada. This time around, the letter was duly replied by the... Read more »

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Ethics Of Hiroshima & Nagasaki: Catholic Refl.
I have produced many popes, bishops, conciliar statements, leading theologians, well-known priests, and apolog... Read more »

"official" Catholic Use Of "convert" For New .
This was originally posted on the Coming Home Network board, where I was head moderator from 2007-2010. My est... Read more »

U2: We Choose Legal Abortion Over Christianit.
John Lennon (1966): “The Beatles are more popular than Jesus” [which was indeed sadly true for man... Read more »

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